Subscription-Based Alexa Skill and Podcasting Services

High-End Video at Small-Business Prices

 Better Brand Perception=Better Clients. set yourself apart from the competition. You focus on being you and we'll handle the rest.


Video Production

 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, and for good reason. It's visual, engaging, and gives you the opportunity to tell your story in a way that builds not only trust in your services, but a long-lasting relationship that leads to future business.

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Podcasts offer you the undivided attention of it's listeners, something that few marketing channels can offer. By gifting your listeners free value through your podcast, you're indirectly building a relationship with them and giving them a go-to person for when they, or someone they know, needs your services.



A recent NPR study found that 39 million Americans are using smart home devices, and that number is growing every week. With barely 1000 Alexa Flash Briefings currently released, that statistic also indicates a largely untapped market of listeners dying for your content. This is podcasting 2.0.

Video Production

Video has one of the highest ROI of any marketing platform, and for good reason. No other form of content is as engaging or easily available to modern prospective clients. Let us help you make engaging, informative content that they'll look forward to watching and learning from.

On-Site Branding Videos

Premium clients look for premium firms to take their cases. Tell your story and show your best side, all with a video that you can share anytime, anywhere. To make it easy on you, we travel to you, not the other way around. All you have to do is set aside a day to be the best version of yourself and we'll handle the rest.



Podcasting is one of the most affordable and effective forms of content marketing that exists today. What other platform gives you 45 minutes worth of a prospective client or referral partner's undivided attention each week? Check out a few of the podcasts we produce and manage below.

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Lawyer V. Lawyer

Debbie Champion and Gary Burger's Lawyer V. Lawyer podcast is a show for trial lawyers, by trial lawyers. When they're not battling it out, they share their most useful trial secrets, from depos to ethics to motions.

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Women in Legal

Chelsey Lambert's Women in Legal Podcast takes the legal industry's fastest-rising female stars and puts them in the hot seat. Whether they're leaders in law, practicing attorneys, or specialists in areas like legal technology or legal marketing, they're sure to inspire you and teach you a thing or two by the time the episode is over.

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the imigrate show

Immigration attorneys Carol Williams and Jim Hacking cut through the smoke and mirrors and give you the educated answers you need to understand our rapidly changing immigration system. Whether you're well-versed in immigration law yourself or just trying to understand if you can believe what you're hearing on the news, The iMigrate Show is a great place to start.

Alexa Flash Briefing Services


What's the big deal about Flash Briefings?

Voice assistants are taking the world by storm, and not just in our phones. Whether they're in our living rooms, bedrooms, refrigerators, or cars, AI voice assistants are becoming the new norm.

Flash Briefings are just what they sound like - short daily briefings that your Alexa plays for you every morning when you ask her to. Think of it like having the morning newspaper read to you, except you subscribe and choose the columns and topics you want to hear about.

No other marketing opportunity lets you become a daily habit and such an integrated part of people's daily routines. Again, this comes back to building a relationship. Building a loyal base of followers = more and higher quality leads and networks.