On-Site Overview Videos

First impressions count. A well produced video gives you a chance to tell your firm’s story and leave a powerful impression on prospective clients. We work with you to plan and tell a story through video that best exemplifies your firm’s values and goals for clients. We’ll even show you how to distribute your video on Facebook and YouTube to push more relevant clients to your site.

On-Site Overview Videos starting at $3999


Subscription Plans

Voice marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, or time-consuming. Whether you’re starting your first podcast or your third, we’re here to streamline the process and take everything out of your hands except for recording.

In addition to podcasting services, we’re now offering an Alexa Flash Briefing add-on that will allow you to repurpose podcast content for your Alexa subscribers (and vice-versa).

Scheduling for monthly consult/project calls is done through the scheduling page on the website.

After signing up for a subscription plan we will contact you within 24 hours and schedule a complimentary on-boarding call where we learn a bit more about your goals and needs while beginning the setup process for your various projects.

Content + Consulting Subscription

The Content + Consulting Subscription includes full access to all of the Backdoor content on the site including tutorial videos, tutorial requests, blog content, and a monthly 50-minute consult call where we can consult while I work on any project or setup needs you have.

During our consult/project calls I will work on anything covered in my tutorials or related content such as: podcast setup, Alexa flash briefing setup, YouTube ad setup, Facebook ad setup, Wordpress setup and editing, Facebook chatbot setup, and more.

The Content + Consulting Subscription is perfect for the DIY’er who wants to do most of their projects themselves and only needs help with more technical steps that require a bit more experience.

Podcasting + Consulting Subscription

The Podcasting + Consulting Subscription includes:

  • Full Content Access

  • Monthly Subscription/Consult Calls

  • Full Podcast Setup: Artwork/Intro Music/Distribution Setup

  • Up to 8 podcast episodes edited and distributed each month (with shownotes)

Podcasting + Alexa + Consulting Subscription

The Podcasting + Alexa + Consulting Subscription includes:

  • Everything Included in the Podcasting + Consulting subscription

  • Alexa Flash Briefing setup and podcast re-purposing (turn your podcast into your own Alexa app)